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What is Spotty Dog Creations:


Spotty Dog Creations was only a puppy when it began it's life creating Packaging, Catalogues and Flyers mainly for a dedicated Electronic Company way back in 1995. It's from those humble beginnings that Spotty grew and took on large customers such as Ecolab, Philips TV, TDK, Imation, Avico Electronics and Logitech.




Who are Spotty Dog Customers:


Our customer base is broad, ranging from Sportswear, Cycling, Outdoors, Dance Schools, Gyms, Motorcycling, Shoes, Music, Electronics and Photography. Our work is regularly published in Nationally Published Magazines.




What do we Specialise in:


With so many years in the industry we are capable of anything that is thrown at us. From complete Branding Campaigns, Tradeshow Designs, Logo Design & Packaging to simple Stickers and T-Shirts.  It can all be achieved at a sensible price. 




Who can use Spotty:


Anyone from an established large business or to a local tradesman looking to enhance their business identity. Our pricing structure is up front with no hidden costs and we are more than competitive. Our help extends further than what is usually expected and we love to make our customers happy.



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